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Estradiol valerate: what is it, what tablets does it contain



Estradiol valerate preparations biologically belong to the group of estrogens. They allow you to regulate the metabolism of nutrients, having a beneficial effect on water balance and thereby lowering cholesterol levels; provide a reduction in bone mass and the risk of osteoporosis; help improve mood and well-being during menopause. Which drugs contain estradiol valerate? – A lot of information on this topic can be found on the Internet (medical sites, thematic forums, videos). However, only a certified specialist can tell you about this in more detail.

Be prepared for the fact that drug treatment with the described hormonal drugs will take quite a long time. Therapy can last up to six months with short breaks between courses. The total duration will be influenced by the type of disease and the characteristics of a particular organism. In this regard, before doing anything, you need to consult a doctor who can tell you in detail which contraceptives contain anti estradiol valerate.

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So which tablets contain estradiol valerate? The most popular medications containing estradiol valerate are contraceptives.

Before prescribing any hormonal drugs, the attending physician should refer the patient for a complete general and gynecological examination.

A drug containing estradiol valerate can be prescribed to women who have the following conditions:

- low levels of the hormone estrogen in the body;
- bladder hyperesthesia;
- depression, weakness, poor health, dizziness, aggressiveness, insomnia;
- excessive sweating.

Estradiol valerate (contraceptive drugs) is also prescribed after IVF fertilization to preserve the fetus.

Contraindications and alternative treatments

Like any medicine, estradiol valerate birth control pills have a number of contraindications. If any unpleasant changes occur in the body after starting to take it, you should immediately consult a doctor so as not to bring yourself to a critical condition.

The main possible side effects are:

- uterine endometrial hyperplasia, endometriosis and uterine fibroids;
- fat metabolism disorders;
- malignant formations of the mammary glands, liver and suspicions of them;
- liver dysfunction;
- poor blood clotting;
- diabetes mellitus and lactation period;
- individual intolerance.

Birth control pills estradiol valerate in some cases can also give the following side effects: short-term headaches, nausea, feelings of tension in the chest, weight gain, and less often - mild pigmentation on the skin, which goes away on its own after a while.